Saturday, December 2, 2006

Saturday Afternoon

Tomorrow morning, Anne and I will leave early to attend a Christian Education Conference in Nashville that we have gone to for several years. It's an opportunity to learn about new ways of administrating and teaching in the local church. Plus, we get to hear lots of "good preaching."

On the way, we will stop in Fredericksburg, Virginia and pick up our friend Debbie. She used to be a member of our church (First Baptist Church of Guilford) but moved several years ago so she could to live closer to her daughter.

The drive to Nashville is long, but we don't like to fly and I like to drive. We will take Interstate 81 through Virginia and northeast Tennessee and then I40 to Nashville. It is a beautiful route through the mountains. A chance to see the majesty of God.


Lucy said...

Hello Moe!
Hope you had a good trip.
Thanks for your comment on my 'Box Elder 'posting.
Your grandaughters (?, the Green girls!) certainly are beautiful.

Lucy said...

hello Moe ( again if you got my first comment which seems to have disappeared, not very adept at this yet!)
Hope you had a good trip to Virginia.
Thank you for the comment on 'Box Elder'.

witness said...

Hey Moe,
I saw that you linked my site on your blog. WOW, I'm overwhelmed. I hope that I can continue to live up to your kindess.

I'll be back to check out your stuff. Keep posting.