Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Move - Part 2

Adventures in Real Estate!

In April of this year, we put our townhouse in Columbia, Maryland up for sale. We had lived there since October 1975. The timing was not the best, the real estate market in Maryland was tough, and there were over two hundred townhouses in our county for sale at the same time. We “decluttered”, “staged”, and did all of those HGTV things we had watched time and time again. Our realtor made up a slick sales card, we were online, had open house, but no offers from May through July. None! Nada! Meanwhile, construction on our new house in Sun City had begun. Things were getting a little tense. For sale signs were popping up all around us. Finally, on July 29, exactly one year after we signed for our house in South Carolina, we sold our townhouse. Settlement was scheduled for August 31, which would turn out to be “just in time.”

to be continued...

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