Thursday, November 29, 2007

Where We Live - #1

I'm often asked, "where do you live?" The answer is complicated. I live in Sun City Carolina Lakes, which is a new community in the Indian Land area of the Panhandle of Lancaster County, South Carolina. But, I also live in the new 29707 zip code which is assigned to the post office in Fort Mill which is mostly in York County not Lancaster.

Today I live in Fort Mill. The Fort Mill Barber Shop

This morning, I "went to town" to my barber shop which is called the Fort Mill Barber Shop and is located on Main Street. Main Steet is a block long and like many Main streets is not what it must have been at one time. There's a antique shop and a new spa. At one end is a knife shop, I haven't looked in there yet.

The barber shop is kind of like Floyd's shop on the the Andy Griffin show. There's always a lot of conversation that comes free with the eight doller hair cut. Lots of old pictures on the wall and a jar containing combs for sale, just 50 cents. Mr. Smith, who's 91, was getting his hair cut today.

I enjoy my trips to the barber shop

Have a good day!

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maggie said...

loved the post today. sounds like you are enjoying your life and that is good.