Friday, January 11, 2008

Rooftops - #1

Rained hard last night. Woke up to the tap tap tapping of the drainpipe just outside our bedroom window. I walked out on the patio and saw the bluish-grey sky over the roof tops and was reminded of the thought I had a few weeks ago. The view of Italian rooftops, New York rooftops, Paris rooftops - all get rave reviews.

click for a larger imageSo why not the view from my patio? I love it. Some mornings the rooftops are bathed in a pale pink, later in the day they stand in sharp contrast to the vivid blue sky, and at night the sun disappears over them. This morning they glistened in the bluish-grey aftermath of the rain last night.

From time to time I will post a "rooftops from my patio" picture. It's where I live.

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Lucy said...

Absolutely. That deep contentment and appreciation in home, and it's small changes, it's under-rated I think.