Saturday, May 24, 2008

Stepping Off!

Today, I stepped off
into a new phase of my life as I competed in a 5k run/walk.

I walked.

At 8:00 a.m. on the grounds of Winthrop University, the horn went off and I followed nearly 200 other participants around a curve and up one of the biggest hills I have ever seen in my life. The runners soon disappeared, leaving me and a few other walkers plodding along. The route took us through a pretty neighborhood next to the campus, around a lake and back to the parking lot where we started.. Cheerleaders from South Point High School were stationed along the course to encourage us on.

The walk, known as Izzy's Legacy 5k Run/Walk, is sponsored each year by the The Isabel Jurado Foundation and raises funds for research for effective treatments for Sanfillippo Syndrome. Please visit their web site and learn more about this disease.

My first effort at 5k walking ended 47 minutes and one second after it started. This was a better time that I had predicted and I feel good about it.

Oh! By the way, 5k equals 3.1 country miles.

I'm looking forward to my next walk and an improved time.


maggie liz said...

Yea, Good for you. I am impressed and glad that you could do this.....

Used to walk in the Race For The Cure evey year, but the last few years could only do the short walk......

I am proud of you........

maryell1 said...

Hey Moe, I am glad to see you are walking. That is real heart healthy. I am really enjoying reading your blog