Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Early Morning Postcard

In response to this week's Total Optional Prompt!

Early Morning Postcard

As early morning darkness leaves the street,
Stains from last night’s rain dot the street.

I close the door, and smile, while moving down the walk.
As in the quiet, wind chimes play across the street.

The neighbor in worn brown slippers slowly walks,
With coffee cup and rumpled dog, down the street.

Three women coming down the hill, loud talk
And laugher interrupts the silence of the street.

The summer sun breaks through the gray
And brightens the promise of the street.

I find my old blue canvas chair,
And settle in to watch a new day on the street.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very pleasant street ... and that chair looks awfully comfy.

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Don't you just love street watching?
Nice use of the prompt and good complimentary chair picture.

sister AE said...

This isn't just one postcard - it is a whole handful of postcards! nice.

lirone said...

You do capture the feeling of early morning very well... I like the rumpled dog!

Lucy said...

Lovely use of form and prompt, I really enjoyed this!

tumblewords said...

Love the rumpled dog! Nice work and it surely lends itself to a wonderful day...

Crafty Green Poet said...

I like the rumpled dog too! Its nice how all your couplets work together to build up a picture

Anonymous said...

Great word picture postcard. I liked the neighbour in the worn brown slippers walking down the street. It must be a comfortable neighbourhood for you all.

My attempt at a ghazal is here---> Waiting for Daylight.


Stan Ski said...

Street life - you can't beat it!

one more believer said...

beautiful and worked well with the ghazal format... as if a day in the life... those early mornings.. you did say early mornings.. wait, yes, you did.. umm, those early mornings settling in to watch a new day you described so well..

Irene said...

That's a really nice postcard picture. I love how you weave the blue canvas chair into your poem and the picture. Enjoy the view!