Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where we live - #7

Yesterday, after having lunch at the new Wendy's that just opened in Sun City Carolina Lakes. Anne and I visited our brand new library. The Del Webb Library at Indian Land is a branch of the Lancaster County Library that also recently opened. The land for the library was donated by the developers of Sun City along with $1.5 million in bonds that are being paid off by Sun City residents.

Del Webb Library

As we received our new library cards and looked around the beautiful new facility with all the brand new books, I was reminded of the time I spent at the Lexington Public Library while growing up in central Illinois. Located directly across from our house on Cedar Street, the Lexington Library provided me with access to vistas not otherwise available in our small town. It was there that I first read Dickens and Dumas and browsed the World Book Encyclopedia as young people browse the Internet today.

Lexington Library

The new library, it's part of where we live.

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