Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Savory Bunch of Plums

I recently discovered Stephanie Plum. Stephanie is a lady bounty hunter who is the main character in a series of mystery novels written by Janet Evanovich. There are nearly 20 novels in the series thus far. Most of them include a number in the title. For example, the first is entitled One for the Money and the second, Two for the Dough. I am currently reading Three to Get Deadly. You get the picture. There are also several “between the numbers” novels.

Evanovich has created a great character in Stephanie Plum. She is a hard-as-nails blond from Trenton, New Jersey who always gets her man, but not before a lot of politically incorrect pitfalls. There are a wide range of supporting players, including a handsome cop, a crazy grandmother, and a reformed prostitute. You need to click your way over to Amazon and order up a mess of Plums.

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