Friday, September 18, 2009

It has been two years!

We are blessed. It’s Friday, September 18, 2009 and two years since we became residents of Sun City Carolina Lakes. We now think of this as home. When we travel and stay too long, we look forward to turning onto Raven Crest Drive and seeing “the fourth house on the left.”

We have fond memories of the time we spent in Maryland, and of our friends. Those memories were stirred recently when Anne lost her mother and we received an outpouring of calls and cards and prayers. I still read the Maryland news snippets in the USA Today. However, Sun City is now our home.

Now we are able to participate more actively in the lives of our son Tony, his wife, Paula and our two granddaughters, Jordan and Kendyl. Sun City is now our home.

We have new friends and neighbors with whom we share in developing a new community. A community made up of people from many places and backgrounds. There are our all kinds of clubs and activities. We are doing things we never did before. Anne works on the local magazine and I have joined a photography club. We are part of a Bible Study club, play bocce ball, and walk to get the morning paper. Sun City is now our home.

God has truly blessed us.

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