Friday, October 2, 2009

Cool and brisk Friday morning

Two scatterings on my Friday morning mind.

I've never been much of a coffee drinker. although my parents were. Since moving to Sun City Carolina Lakes, however, I've become a cool weather coffee drinker. I think it's the aroma. When I get up, I move from window to window opening the blinds and pulling the drapes. I like the way the morning light plays on the yellow walls of our sunroom. Then I put some coffee on. Its smell along with the little briskness in the air makes me want to do something. The new day's light and the sweet smell of the coffee help me get ready for my walk.

This morning, I looked out the kitchen window and saw how the early sun was highlighting the rose bush beside the front walk. How pretty, I thought. Back in spring, Anne was the featured speaker at a Women's Prayer Breakfast. In appreciation, the women of our church gave her a potted rose. We planted it. It took root and has blessed us ever since. We call it the Boyd Hill Baptist rose.

Two Friday morning thoughts.

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Lucy said...

It has been in some way proven that coffee actually does smell better than it tastes!

The light on that rose is lovely.