Sunday, October 4, 2009


Sun City Carolina Lakes was on the cool side as I walked this morning and I found myself wishing that I had some gloves on because my hands were getting cold. That started me thinking (some of my best thinking occurs during my walks.)

I thought, even though it is a little cold right now, Indian summer will be here soon. Wikipedia describes Indian summer as "an informal expression given to a period of sunny, warm weather in autumn in the northern hemisphere, typically in late October or early November, after the leaves have turned but before the first snowfall."

Then that got me to think about growing up in Lexington, Illinois in the 50's when on every Sunday morning, dad would go to the Gleason's Mobil gas station down by the hardroad (US 66) and buy the Sunday Chicago Tribune. It was thick. I liked the comics, Dick Tracy, Terry and the Pirates, Steve Canyon, and Gasoline Alley were some of my favorites. They were better than the comics in the daily paper we received, because they were in color and each strip had more panels.

Anyway, each fall at about this time, whichever strip was on the front of the comic section got "pre-empted" by "Injun Summer." There were these two panels accompanied by a little story.

You can read the story over at "Tom's Place" (PC warning)

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