Sunday, November 15, 2009

Among Other Things

Among other things,
Mother was a quilter.

Taking scraps of cloth -
collected, cut, and counted,
scraps assembled, stitched
in patterns remembered,
invented or dreamed,

Mother made quilts for us all,
(before she died at age 72,
a reasonable age, I thought then,
but now at 66, not so much.)

stitched with careful love.

Life is a quilt of experiences, scraps,
collected, cut, and counted,
scraps assembled, stitched
in patterns remembered,
invented or dreamed.

Look at my quilt!
Look at my life!

In each scrap, in each stitch
I see Mother’s love live again,

Among other things,
Mother was a quilter

The photograph above shows a portion of the quilt my mother, Verna Wallace Lauher, made for me in 1985.

The OSI prompt this week is Reincarnation.

Mrs. Edna JordanClick here or on the graphic at the left for more impressions.


judi said...

She did a beautiful job!

Amity Me said...

your Mom's quilted works reminds you how she delicately worked on each masterpiece, reincarnating her in what she had worked hard for...:)

nostalgic take on the prompt!

liked it so much!

Amias said...

Oh I have enjoyed a lot of thoughts about reincarnation this morning, but yours take the cake! My mother was a quilter too, and I understand from whence thou cometh. This is a beautiful quilt, and your words do it justice!

Loch Rob said...

Peaceful, loving thoughts of your mom, embodied in her quilting. Very nicely done.

Jukota said...

Love reincarnated? Now why hasn't someone else thought of that? Can you imagine what life would be like if we all came back as love? I applaud your mother as well as your thought-provoking poem!

Sweetest in the Gale said...

I enjoyed this one very beautiful! I could feel the love.

SandyCarlson said...

A beautiful statement about your mom, and a loving tribute. I love the way quilters make something from discarded bits of nothing.

Meow said...

Beautiful :)Your words as well as quilt :)

Jeeves said...

Lovely quilt and ur words go well with it

Heavenly Muse said...

very beautiful
yup this is the life amalgam of various colors

Michelle Johnson said...

that is a beautiful quilt. your words are a nice tribute to what she handmade. you've taken good care of it too. sometimes it's the handmade things that creates such a fond memory instead of a photograph. thanks for sharing. have a great day.

thanks for the visit to my blog.

Tumblewords: said...

A beautiful quilt and lovely tribute to your mother!

zoya gautam said...

.. my sincere thanks to the Late Mrs. Verna Wallace Lauher for making the quilt that makes her son maurice lauher write such a beautiful poem ..

Anonymous said...

Beautitful work, both your mom's and yours.

Lucy said...

There's much to be said for piecing things... it's a lovely fresh quilt.

I know what you mean about age, I felt my gran, mum and dad died of old age at 81. Now I expect my husband, siblings and friends, as well as myself, to do much better than that please!

Anonymous said...

such a beautiful post! :)

gautami tripathy said...

LIfe is a is so true.

Your post touched me.

time and time again

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gabrielle said...

the magic of quilts:they envelop us in beauty and wrap us in warmth so deliberately stitched from life’s fragments.
a wonderful tribute to your mother's enduring love.

one more believer said...

spoken with a beautiful love...