Sunday, November 1, 2009

That's My World #4 - Inside the Lake House

The lobby of the Lake House.

The Lake House is the center of community activity in Sun City Carolina Lakes. Last week on "That's My World" we toured the grounds and amenities surrounding the Lake House. This week we look at the inside. There are meeting rooms, exercise facilities, a pottery center, an indoor pool and many things to do.

Entering we first see the lobby (at the top of the page) on the left and a small cafe (above) on the right.

Just beyond the cafe is a large three story exercise facility with numerous aerobic and weight machines.

The upper level contains several treadmills and a walking/jogging track.

Looking down on the main level where there are more treadmills, stationary bikes and weight machines

The lower level has a number of free weight stations.

Also on the lower level is a large room where various aerobics and yoga classes are held.

Just past the exercise facility is the indoor pool and spa.

There is a pottery area with a kiln, a large meeting room, billiards and card tables on the lower level of the main part of the building.

Back on the main level there is a large ballroom with a grand piano and two other rooms that are used for arts and crafts, card playing, and club meetings. There are over 100 special interest clubs. Something for everybody.

Sun City Carolina Lakes is a great place to live and a major part of my world. To see the worlds of others all over Planet Earth go to That's My World!


Barb said...

Hi Moe, The Lake House is incredible - no excuse to be bored or out of shape there! You live in a beautiful place.

Dirkjogt said...

Great Lake house, love the lobby. A place were I could spend a lot of time.

Sylvia K said...

What a great place, Moe! Wow, Barb is right, no excuse to be bored or out of shape with The Lake House available! Terrific photos!

Enjoy your week!


Snap said...

Wow, what a great place. I agree -- no time to get bored!

SandyCarlson said...

Sure looks like a wonderful place!

Lucy said...

What lovely, light-filled interiors.

You've been posting some wonderful, luminous things. The poem for Edna was so moving, and I love the colours and monochromes.

Coffeedoff said...

An amazing place, with activities for all tastes! Great shots!

Lawstude said...

wow. the facilities there are complete. would love to enjoy the place.

Pam said...

That is an amazing place to live, Moe. Not only is it beautiful, there's also so much you can do.

Jenn said...

Great place with so much to do. I too agree that there is not reason to be bored. I'd wake up excited everyday.