Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stefan Jansson (Steffe) - That Old Tree

Stefan Jansson lives in Sweden, just south of Stockholm, and has posted thousands of photographs to Flickr. One set of his photos is That Old Tree. Steffe, as he is called on Flickr, has taken 200 photos of the same tree regularly for nearly 4 years. The sequence of photos makes for an amazing viewing experience. Go over to Steffe's That Old Tree and play the slideshow. It's worth the visit.


The Write Girl said...

Hi Moe,

What an amazing photo. Thanks so much for sharing. Thanks also for your kind words on my site. Much appreciated.

judi said...

Wonderful, ya know, I shall start using a different adjective. I do have a relatively decent use of the English language. Okay tomorrow.
I love this series and I love retirement. :O)

Steffe said...

Thank you for spreading the word about my little project. I'm totally hooked now. And you can see some of the Old Tree photos at my daily photo blog as well.