Thursday, August 5, 2010


Last year I wrote about the grand opening of the new Harris Tetter grocery store that had just opened in Sun City Carolina Lakes. The store is "up scale" and a little expensive, but they have a good selection and having it close has proven to be a good thing. We can get there via golf cart and have developed a just-in-time shopping pattern. Like, "Anne, what do we want do for dinner? OK. I will run up to the HT and pick it up." The store is also a good place to see our neighbors and catch up on the latest news. Oh and by the way, they put the unsold Krispy Kremes out for $1.99 a dozen each evening.

Now, a year and half later - a new development. Over the next two weeks, competition for the Harris Tetter and the old Food Lion up the road will open up. ALDI and Walmart are both opening new stores just a few miles from Sun City.

ALDI is a chain of small food stores that carry a limited number of basic items. primary it's own brand, and claim they offer " savings substantial enough to impact your every-day living." Of course, Walmart is Walmart and this new one is going to really big.

We have all ready seen Harris Tetter's reaction in the form of more sales and price cuts. Just the other day we received a special flyer offering Sun City residents 5% off until the end of September. It will be fun watching what happens.

Harris Tetter


The Walmart
I've been away from blogging this year. I guess I just wasn't feeling it, but hopefully I will be more regular for the rest of this year.

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