Saturday, July 9, 2011

On the Road Again*

After several months of not walking, I started again on April 7 - trying to do it everyday. Then I had take a break after my cardiologist saw something he didn't like as he looked at the results of a stress test. (I had a heart attack back in August of 2003 and had a couple of stents placed.) After further testing, the doctor decided everything was OK and I was cleared to resume "normal activity." So, I hit the road again. I was going really good until last week, when I had to skip a day and once again my "steak" was halted.

So now, I've decided not to worry about walking everyday or how long my streak is, but to just walk as much as I can. I remember when I only walked from the living room to the bedroom.

You can read about my earlier walking adventures by reading Words for Walking or my other walking posts.

*Shout out to  America's Troubadour - Willie Nelson

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