Monday, October 17, 2011

Just the right place - 31 for October - #17

In 1951, my parents bought a house on South Cedar Street in Lexington, Illinois and my father spent several months remodeling it. The previous owners had left a couple of pieces of furniture in the cellar and for many years, my mother used them to store things she canned as well as other items. In the early 1980’s, dad “rescued” the china closet. The water that often soaked the basement floor had ruined the bottom part of the piece, but the top was still in good shape. He refurbished the top and then; using pieces of oak, including a leaf from my grandmother’s old dining room table, he built a new bottom.

Dad brought the new/old furniture across country in his van to our house in Maryland where we used it for many years. Later, when our son Tony married, it traveled again, first to Delaware and then to Charlotte, where it sat in the garage for several years. A few weeks ago, it came home to live in Sun City Carolina Lakes.

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