Thursday, May 10, 2012

Trip to Margaret's - Part 3 - Home via US One Fifty

Headed home after a recent visit with my sister Margaret in Peoria, Illinois, I decided (as I often do) to stay off the Interstate as much as possible. Turning east out of the hotel parking lot, I was on US 150 for the rest of the day.

US 150 runs from Moline, Illinois to Mount Vernon, Kentucky and took me through true "heartland" country.

These are just two of over 250 giant wind-turbines that stand along US 150 west of Bloomington.Normal  in McLean County, Illinois.

A gravel section road runs south from US 150 in western Champaign County, Illinois.

A big John Deere prepares the ground for planting. Some of most fertile soil in the world is here in Central Illinois

Standing next to US 150 are some of the thousands of "prairie skyscrapers" that dot Illinois. These grain elevators hold the harvest until it is shipped to market. 

Having left the prairie of Central Illinois behind US 150 runs through the Hoosier National Forest in the hills of  south central Indiana.  

I stopped for a break by a beautiful meadow in the Hoosier National Forest near French Lick, Indiana.

Louisville, Kentucky is the largest city US 150 goes through. This golden building on Broadway holds one of those "we buy old gold" stores.

Bardstown Road in Louisville runs through several eclectic neighborhoods.

US 150 circles the big red Nelson County courthouse in Bardstown, Kentucky before running east to its end in Mount Vernon.

I spent the night in Corbin, Kentucky and got on Interstate 75 early the next morning. My adventure was over and I was ready to get home.

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