Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fill it up - 31 for July #25

In Lexington, Illinois when I was growing up back in the middle of the last century, there were 5 or 6 "service" stations. They were where you bought gas and you could get your car worked on. Everyone had their station. The one you always went to. We bought our gasoline at Gleason's Mobil down by US 66. Others went to Fasking's or Bornder's, they both sold Standard gas. There was Neal's or the Skelly station and in the early 50's Mr. Brooks sold Shell at his repair shop. All of this in a town of 1,500 people.

Now, my station is the Gate. I can't get my oil changed there, but they have great hot dogs, big sodas and good coffee. At noon, the landscaping crews gather on the grassy places by the parking lot. It's a busy place all day and late into the night. I can't go to Gleason's anymore, so I go to the the Gate.

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