Wednesday, August 29, 2012

G is for Gus' Family Pizza Restaurant - ABC Wednesday

ABC Wednesday is a blog where participants share postings with subjects that begin with a specific letter. Today the letter is "G."

My "G' is for Gus' Family Pizza Restaurant in Lancaster, South Carolina serving Greek, Italian and American cuisine since 1991. Oh by the way: it might be "LAN • CAS • tur," in Pennsylvania, but in down here in South Carolina you say "LANK • uh • stur."

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Roger Owen Green said...

thanks for the pronunciation guide! lots of places in the US spelled the same but sound different.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

a great looking G

Ann said...

Gus Pizza looks like a great family business!! Love to see a small business succeed.

Joy said...

I can add another pronunciation to that as I don't live too far north of Lancaster in the UK which we pronounce as LAN-CAS-TA. But I would guess all three of us pronounce Pizza in the same way:-)
Joy - ABC Team

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Always enjoy hearing (in this case, reading about) regional accents. A fascinating phenomenon. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.